Monday, February 5, 2018

Talk of The Town: Fast Rising Nollywood Star Dickson Okezue

Dickson Okezue is one of the fast rising new stars in #Nollywood.
The confident and eloquent actor and model from Abia State in southeastern Nigeria has a B.Sc degree in Accounting from the Lagos State University.

His career as an actor started in 2010 after graduation. He realized his passion for the arts still lingered as he discovered that acting is where he finds true happiness. In 2014, he made up his mind to build a career and become a professional actor for two main reasons: To educate and to entertain people. He has since featured in several TV series and movies, including Taste of Love, Superstory, Tinsel, Tales of Eve, Bridges, Bella's Place and Freezing Point.

Dickson believes he stands out, because of his exceptional lines delivery and the way he plays his roles naturally.
He is very bold, adventurous, energetic, detailed, unpredictable, believable, observant, intelligent and lovable.

He loves music, reading, watching movies, playing video games and cooking.
Special Skills: Swimming and Athletic (Gym Instructor)

Languages Spoken: English, Pidgin English, Igbo and Yoruba Language.

You can find him on Facebook via:
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @dicksonokezue


  1. Did u say Dickson can cook. Dickson can not cook ooo, his indomie tastes like egushi soup. And that is the best he can do. And he can make pap.

    And i dont think he can swim, he is too big and too heavy.

  2. Come and see drama .... his future wife is here...

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