Monday, February 26, 2018

Taking Nollywood from Silicon Valley To Crypto Valley

Taking Nollywood from Silicon Valley To Crypto Valley

The news update on my first meeting with Mo Alakiu Ajibola, Ambassador for @DECENTplatform in Africa To Put #Nollywood on Blockchain currently has over 194, 094 views so far and still counting on @247 Nigeria on Twitter.
I know that It will pass 200, 000 views before evening of today.

The increasing popularity and visibility of this news post show the excitement of the public over the news of our initiative to take #Nollywood and of course also #Kannywood to the millions of blockchain wallet users from Silicon Valley to Crypto Valley which is trending right now in #Zug, Switzerland.

The fact that this topic is attracting more views on the internet than any other topic in Nigeria, including the soft porn reality TV show #BBNaija and celebrity gossip news in competition means @decentplatform blockchain content distribution will be more exciting to millions of Nigerians than cable TV and the normal VOD channels. More so with @DECENTplatform offering total control of content distribution, franchise and management to the content producers without the control of the major cable TV and VOD operators online and offline. And for the first time in the Nigerian entertainment industry, White Label branding and customisation will be given to content producers on the blockchain platform and there will be plugins for smart TV.

The decentralisation of content distribution in the global entertainment industry is here with accuracy and transparency and rule of equity.

They say content is king.
But on the internet, traffic is everything.
And organic traffic is the best.
Organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic, which defines the visits generated by paid ads.
#SEO experts know why I am really excited about the organic traffic to the topic on @Twitter.
It is cheers all the way to Crypto Valley.

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