Wednesday, February 28, 2018

247 Nigeria Celebrates Tunde Kelani at 70

247 Nigeria @247nigeria on Twitter is celebrating Nigeria's foremost cinematographer and iconic director, Tunde Kelani in the best way by exhibition of posters of his films and the trailer of his newest film adaptation; the famous Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka's "The Lion and Jewel", titled "Sidi Ilujinle".

He is the first ever filmmaker we are giving this special honour and thousands have been viewing this exhibition following the more than 209, 500 views of the photograph of Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima's meeting with Mo Alakiu Ajibola, the Swiss @DECENTplatform Ambassador for Africa on global blockchain film distribution for the Nigerian film industry.

Tunde Kelani has done more film adaptations of novels and plays than any other African filmmaker in the world.
We have highlighted him in the first and second editions of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series as one of the best Nigerian filmmakers and listed his "Dazzling Mirage " among the top Nigerian movies.

This week of his birthday should have been declared a Tunde Kelani's Cinema Week by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture with screenings of his films and a symposium on his works. For a great filmmaker who has done so much for the local and global appreciation of Nigerian Arts and Culture in the promotion of Nigerian literature in motion picture, he deserves such an annual celebration.
Opómúléró mo jaàlekàn. Òpó róso, òpó bàjá. Omo Oníkòyí, Ìkòyí èsó ni pelemo, Lójú Ogun!

Congratulations to Tunde Kelani with thanksgiving to Almighty God for your illustrious life in the sustainable development of the Nigerian film industry.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
247 Nigeria @247nigeria
Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi | IndieWire
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