Thursday, December 28, 2017

#SheDecides in 2017

#SheDecides in 2017

This year, 88,195 of you took action to call on global leaders to stand up for girls and women and support their sexual and reproductive health. Wow!

The results were phenomenal, with numerous governments announcing nearly US$500 million to make sure that girls and women have access to all of the care and services they need and want. And there is still much more to be done to get us to a world where every girl and woman has power over her own body, without question.

This July on the eve of the G20 in Hamburg, the Governments of Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and foundations committed over $172 million (USD) on the Global Citizen stage to ensure that women’s health is something She Decides. And later, the Government of Denmark stepped up and committed to double their funding for women’s health to a whopping $110 million USD.

This is where the SheDecides movement comes in, and we need you to join us!

SheDecides is a global political movement launched at the start of 2017. We advocate for the fundamental rights of girls and women to decide about their bodies, their lives, and their futures. SheDecides unites everyone who believes that every girl and woman should be able to decide for herself about what she does with her body free from judgement, stigma, coercion and harm.

You took actions to say that yes, #SheDecides – but there is more to be done!

SheDecides now has 36 Champions, from all over the world and many walks of life. This includes 10 Ministers from Africa, Europe, Afghanistan and Canada and four youth leaders from Panama, Uganda, Malawi and the Philippines. Minister Aaron Motsoaledi (South Africa), Kai Mykkänen (Finland) and Victoria Fuentes (Executive Director of MexFam) currently lead the group of Champions.

We’re an action-oriented movement. The first thing you can do is Stand Up and Speak Out. You can find tools to help start conversations, write to the local leader who represents you, and to amplify your messages through social media.

On March 2, 2018, we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of the SheDecides conference. On this day, Champions and friends of SheDecides will be holding events all over the world to promote the vision of the SheDecides manifesto: a new normal where girls and women decide about their bodies, their lives, their futures. Without question. These events – large and small – will range from concerts to political discussions to art installations, as well as social gatherings and everything in between. We hope you will get involved!

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