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SOAR: Amaka Global Gets Ready for the Launch of Their Debut Fragrances

SOAR: Amaka Global Gets Ready for the Launch of Their Debut Fragrances

DUBAI, UAE, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Luxury fashion brand Amaka Global will launch its fragrance collection, christened "SOAR" Eau de Parfum by early next year according to a statement by the Chairman & CEO Mr. Promise Uzoamaka in an exclusive interview with

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The launch is eagerly awaited and was originally planned for 2014. It is the brands first perfume and the collection will include both shower gel and body lotion for men and women. A team of master perfumers was recruited during the past 3 years with a dedication to create evocative fragrances through pure ingredients and the world's finest essential oils.

According to Mr. Uzoamaka the man behind the new scents, the perfume was made in Berlin, Germany and it took over 3 years to develop and he believes it is the best perfume in the world.

Mr. Uzoamaka maintains that perfumery is an art and Amaka Global was established with a vision to create and design timeless masterpieces for the discerning consumers who appreciate art.

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Developing The Best Perfume In The World: Interview With Amaka Global Chairman & CEO

Mr. Promise Uzoamaka is the Chairman & CEO of Amaka Global Fashion LLC and accomplished business consultant with a passion for the fashion and beauty industry. He is also the founder and Chairman of Amaka Global Airways.
Amaka means beautiful and Amaka Global is a brand inspired by beauty, luxury and travel. The brand was unveiled to the public through a press conference on May 18th 2014 at Burj Al Arab, the world most luxurious hotel. It is a luxury lifestyle brand with a jet-set aesthetic that combines element of style, elegance and glamour.
Mr. Uzoamaka believes that Fashion is Art and Amaka Global was established with a vision to create and design timeless masterpieces for the discerning consumers who appreciate art. Now, Amaka Global is set to take on the fashion industry starting with perfumes and they have set up a team of master perfumers during the past 3 years with a dedication to create evocative fragrances through pure ingredients and the world’s finest essential oils. At the very core of Mr. Uzoamaka’s work is the observation that certain scents can evoke special memories, a passion the he was pleased to share with us when we met with him at his office in Sharjah International Airport Free Zone. He told us with great pride about his love for perfumes and how the power of fragrance can enhance our everyday lives.
What first sparked your interest for fragrance?
 Having been born into a royal family and with my mother being into fashion retail, my fondness for the finer things led my transition from a business consultant to a promising career in fashion and perfumery.
How has travelling the world influenced your fragrances?
Travelling is a great source of inspiration for a lot of people. Living and working in different cities means that I am able to work with artisanal people, everything that you will see in our collections, from the bottles to the packaging, is handmade by these talented artisans. Our bottles designs are all inspired and iconic and the papers we use in the packaging are special, the glass we use is beautifully detailed and mouth blown.
Which country do you produce your fragrances?
We are proud to say that we source our materials worldwide but our fragrances are strictly designed and made in France and Germany.
How long does it take to create a fragrance from start to finish?
We have been studying and researching for more than three years for our new fragrances. The main difficulty when creating a new fragrance is the compatibility of the essences among each other. We have created the essence of champagne before, but it was difficult to find the appropriate peach essence that would mingle with the champagne to create a synergic effect. Generally speaking there is one main essence in every fragrance, this main element could really dominate the others so it’s essential to find the right balance without one being too overpowering. For every attempt we make at a fragrance, we let it ripe for one month before seeing if it works harmoniously together.
When will the Perfume be launched and where can we buy it?
It will be ready by the end of 2016 or early next year; more information will be available as soon as the formula of the perfume is perfect. It will be sold in Luxury department stores worldwide, in stores and online and on our own stores.
What is your design process like? How is it that you manage to bottle-up your inspiration?
I start with a general feeling, usually a personal story. [From my many travels around the globe], I have a general sense of something that touches me, and I try to take that feeling and to expand on it, in a way that everyone can understand. I envision a scent in my head. It’s the same way you listen to a melody in your head. I then go back to the lab and work to translate and capture that olfactive vision into a natural scent.
Fragrances continue to be a lifestyle purchase among consumers. What are some common misconceptions about niche fragrances?
There are many misconceptions about niche fragrances, but one of the biggest challenges is not being reputable enough due to the mere fact of not having a commercial name stamped onto a perfume bottle. In actuality, niche fragrances are far better crafted, unique, and distinctive in their scents and stories.
There is a more hands on approach behind creating a niche fragrance, especially for a client that appreciates true artistry, as opposed to a mainstream brand where a celebrity is placed into a marketing campaign for selling a fragrance that can be found at every counter in an effort to make money off the masses. Niche fragrances want to be popular too, but we are more about the quality than the quantity. That’s the big difference.
Fragrance is a very personal lifestyle purchase for people. What are some of the reasons they should go for a niche fragrance over a commercial brand?
Niche fragrances are exclusive and at times hard to find, however it is deliberately. If you notice, all niche fragrances are placed within extremely fashion forward retailers, concept stores, and even the hippest hotels.
It is more about the allure and exclusivity of these fragrances that makes them appealing to the consumer. They are for a specific client, but at the same time can be for every client. It is just a matter of discovering this exceptional genre of perfumes for yourself. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I want to smell like everyone else or stand out?”
Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about?
Apart from launching more lines from Amaka Global, we have more fine perfumes that are still been developed and will be available by next year. We are constantly conducting research and I will personally never stop studying aromatherapy and aromachology (the influence of odours on human behaviour), aromachology is directed to our brain, our psychology, it’s linked with our olfactory memory which is something that’s really fascinating to me.
I find it so interesting that our nose is directly connected to our central panel control; it can connect us to different people, situations and memories. We try to create a memory with each fragrance we design, whether that’s of a person, experience or sensation.
Do you have any target region for your upcoming fragrance?
Our upcoming perfume is a gourmand fragrance and gourmand fragrances with their food-flavoured aromas have universal appeal so anyone anywhere can use it. Gourmand fragrances are largely based on sweet aromas and if you love food, you’ll get the same release of endorphins that calm and relax us from smelling gourmand aromas as you would from tasting them. It comes down to how your brain uses the same receptors to recognise smell and taste. Discover the evocative power of fragrance by subscribing to Amaka Global website at to get notified when the best perfume in the world will be launched.

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