Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Charles Uwagbai's Crime Thriller "Breathless" in Cinemas from July 1st

One of the must watch new movies coming from Nollywood is Charles Uwagbai's crime thriller BREATHLESS starring veteran actor Bimbo Manuel with Nollywood sex symbols Mike Ezuruonye and Uti Nwachukwu and fast rising Brycee Adiah Bassey.
Uwagbai is known for directing the epic "Okoro The Prince" and thrillers "Black Sillhuoete" and "Drive"

The world premiere of "Breathless" is on June 26th at Intercontinental Hotel on Victoria Island in Lagos and will be in cinemas nationwide from July 1st.

Professor Okpodu, a successful businessman, and his two sons are excited about the prospect of their company becoming Africa's biggest solar energy business. To realise the dream, they hire a female consultant from the United States of America. The sumptuous-looking consultant becomes an object of desire for the professor's sons, pushing them into a bitter rivalry for her body and soul. She, however, has a different agenda: avenging the death- in the professor's beach house- of her sister, a young woman with less than licit links to the professor and his two feuding sons. This sets off a series of events that lifts the lid on the dark secrets of the professor and his two sons as well as how her sister died.

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