Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Me and My Xiaomi Mi4 Every Day All the Way

The first thing you will see in bed with me is my red Holy Bible. And the second thing is my daily partner in progress, Xiaomi Mi4.
She is my sweetheart.
She is sleeps and wakes up with me 24/7.
She comes with me every time I am going out and comes back with me.
She is very precious to me and is my business companion.

My Mi4 is my primary working tool every day and does more than my laptop.
I use it for more than 90% of my calls and text messages; blogging; writing, shopping; trading; virtual traveling; philanthropy, democratic advocacy and romantic adventures from the street to the internet.
I have taken more than 100 pictures with it and produced more than 50 videos and used it for the recce and still photography of my much talked about "Lagos in Motion: Sights and Sounds of Africa's Largest Megacity" tourist documentary film to be released worldwide this summer with the photo book of the selected photographs from more than 35 different locations of " Lagos in Motion ".

My Xiaomi Mi4 cost only N55, 000 (about USD200), but has helped me to produce blogs, photos and videos making me many times richer.
 I give Almighty God JEHOVAH all the Glory for giving me this awesome smartphone to prosper me and make me famous worldwide.

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