Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where Does Beauty Go on Afrinolly is Non-Stop Romantic Thriller

Where Does Beauty Go?

I stumbled upon "Where Does Beauty Go" on Afrinolly this morning and I almost forgot about going to work, because I wanted to watch the movie after seeing the captivating trailer of this must watch romantic thriller that I can even pay N5000 (five thousand naira) to see on the big screen.

This is a must watch Nollywood movie and better than the most recent movies out of Nigeria. But I wonder why the producers have not been promoting this fantastic movie!
Many Nollywood movies suffer from either poor publicity or lack of publicity.
A movie "like Where Does Beauty Go?" should be publicized widely from the street to the internet; on billboards, posters, buses, print adverts, radio and TV commercials for weeks to let the public know more about it and attract viewers to the cinemas, online and mobile platforms to see it. Publicity boosts sales!
The producers are established experts in making commercials for big brands, but are not doing the same for this movie and other movies they have made so far.

"Where Does Beauty Go" is a production of Audio Visual First (AVF), produced by Adeyinka Oduniyi and directed by Abiodun Williams with some of the most accomplished actors and actresses in Nollywood, including Clarion Chukwurah, Tony Umez and Aderonke Shittu. And also starring including stars Akon and Anne Heche.

Clarion Chukwurah.
Tony Umez.
Aderonke Shittu.
Anne Heche.

Faced with the stark reality of being an old maid at 40! BARBIE's decision to remain relevant in social circuit amidst her dwindling popularity as a highly sort after actress is first to bleach her skin whiter, lift a sagging breast and marry a dashing 29 year old fashion photographer. Complications arise when she realises that the other woman she needs to wrestle Tim from is her little niece the world must never know is her daughter!

~ By Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi | Shadow and Act - Indiewire.

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