Thursday, February 18, 2016

There Are Many Other Olajumokes in Nigeria

Mrs. Olajumoke Orisaguna is perhaps the most celebrated young woman in Nigeria today since she has been making news headlines in the local and global media for her awesome overnight transformation by providence with thanks to the highly gifted gospel soul singer and photographer, TY Bello whom Almighty God JEHOVAH used to lift the very poor "Agege" Bread Hawker out of the dunghill of poverty unto the pedestal of fame and fortune.

She is now the talk of the town and the attraction of several capitalists and opportunists who have never had the IQ to discern the beauty in any victim of poverty until now that Olajumoke has been exhibited before their very eyes and they are competing for how to take advantage of her fame and fortune. I see more of opportunism than pragmatism in the sensational celebrity crush for Olajumoke by these advertisers and companies.

Lest we forget, Olajumoke is not the only diamond in the rocks of life.
There are many Olajumokes out there on the street; hawking, selling and trading as they are struggling for survival and success in the hustle and bustle of life in Nigeria. And we don't have to wait until a God sent TY Bello discovers them before we will start competing for their attention.

All the banks and other companies and organizations should send out their scouts to every nook and cranny and look out for the Olajumokes of Nigeria, because "dem plenty for Naija", praying and waiting for a path finder to bring them out of obscurity into celebrity and let them shine for all eyes to see and give all the glory to God who can make all things possible for us.

There are thousands of other Olajumokes hustling on the streets of Nigeria.
Let us become the TY Bellos that will discover and celebrate their beauty in the dignity of labour.

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