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Nollywood Dialogues

Nollywood Dialogues

Actions speak louder than words in movies, but dialogues are the salt and pepper of movies.
Screenwriters produce all kinds of dialogues in screenplays for the different characters to express themselves in different scenarios.

Dialogues can make movies pull crowds like in Funke Akindele's hit comedy "Jenifa" which made her character a household name and the currently trending ''Gerrarahere mehn! In Igbo: si eba puo!" spoken by the character of Francis Odega in "Welcome to South, Agony of South and Back from South"
FRANCIS ODEGA: Gerrarahia mehn...u kno am sayin? U dunno nuhhin! Whol up nigga whol up nigga, u know what u are? EP, aka Enemy of Progress! Gerrarahere meeeenn. In Igbo, si eba puo!

Nollywood movies have many beautiful, wonderful, hilarious and ridiculous dialogues.
TALK OF THE TOWN By Orikinla will be posting selected dialogues from old and new and upcoming Nollywood movies to promote the movies widely.
The following dialogue is from a movie in production by a popular member of Nairaland who has been a professional script writer since he was 18 for the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) for four years and also for radio and stage plays:

MAN: I am sorry.
WOMAN: Will I am sorry reproduce my eggs? Will I am sorry replace my eggs? Will I am sorry lay new eggs for me? Will I am sorry refund my money? Okay, Mr. I am sorry, pay for breaking my eggs!

From "Eggovin Baby" of the "Sights and Sounds of Lagos" series by IDPN Limited.

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