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Ericsson's NuVu Will Take Nollywood To More Millions of GSM Users on Smartphones in Africa


Ericsson's NuVu Will Take Nollywood To More Millions of GSM Users on Smartphones in Africa

Ericsson's subscription video-on-demand content service, NuVu launched this week will take Nollywood movies to more millions of users of GSM smartphones in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.
According the following press release:

NuVu will be available as an Android app for smartphones in Africa and subscribers will have access to around 3,000 TV and movie titles for a small monthly fee. Ericsson has announced plans to roll out the service to other operating systems and platforms in the future. Subscribers will be able to download content to their mobile devices at no extra cost during off-peak network times. Content will be accessible for up to 30 days after downloading to view.
Consumers are increasingly accessing TV content via smartphones and tablets. According to Ericsson ConsumerLab, 61 percent of consumers watch TV and video on their smartphones, a figure that has increased by 71 percent since 2012. Over 50 percent of consumers binge-watch content at least once a day; only 5 percent claim that they never binge watch content. In addition, 42 percent refrain from consuming more content on any device if a service is not available offline.

In collaboration with telecoms provider Airtel Nigeria, Ericsson launches NuVu during the first quarter 2016 to over 30m Airtel subscribers in the country. NuVu content will span a variety of genres from Hollywood to Nollywood, TV series, kids, music and other shows.

Thorsten Sauer, Head of Broadcast and Media Services, Ericsson, says:

“The launch of NuVu is a significant landmark for Ericsson and is uniquely positioned to help our operator customers to address a significant untapped market for video content. Africa has some of the highest mobile adoption rates globally, with ever-increasing levels of investment and infrastructure. However, downloading is currently preferred to streaming due to connectivity issues. We believe there is a huge opportunity to open a window to a world of content through mobile devices that may not otherwise be easily accessible. As one of the largest operators across Africa and the third-largest mobile operator in the world, Airtel is the perfect partner to help us launch NuVu. We are very proud to launch NuVu in Africa and we look forward to rolling out this service to other markets over the coming year.”

NuVu was developed by Ericsson and will be fully integrated into the operator’s customer relationship management and payment systems. Content can be distributed to consumers during off-peak periods, minimising data costs for operator and consumer.

Ahmed Mokhles, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, says:

“At Airtel we are passionate about putting smiles on the faces of Nigerians and this is one of the ways we achieve this goal. One of the key advantages of NuVu is that customers will have the flexibility to enjoy a variety of entertaining content, including music videos, comedy, movie trailers, cartoons, sports among others on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere they desire. We are delighted to be a part of this project as it also reinforces our commitment to creating real value for all our stakeholders, in line with our key objective of enriching lives and empowering people.”

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