Monday, March 18, 2013

The Stavro Sisters: The Hottest Sisters in Nigerian Music and Movies

Jojo Stavro, her hit song "Let's Dance" is the toast of the air waves in Nigeria. A national call for love, peace and unity among all Nigerians.

The Stavro sisters are the stars of SISTAZ!, the most awaited reality TV series to be produced in Africa. One of the several hot TV shows to be launched on the new EbonyLife TV this summer.

Directed by Heidi Uys, Sistaz! is a compelling Reality TV Series about two sisters of Greek-Nigerian descent, the STAVRO sisters, who decide to check into the famous Eko Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, for a long overdue holiday reunion. While there, they meet STEPHANIE, a British-born Nigerian friend who has also checked in to relax from a busy schedule. Together, they set out on a 30-day roller-coaster to rediscover afresh the passion of sisterhood, friendship and the lively City of Lagos. However, their holiday soon turns into a mission when they host a party at the Hotel. When their diverse worlds connect, their attitudes explode with a bang.I would say it wasn't really a role as it was reality and they were just living their lives out on set, however briefly put it was an awesome experience for the sisters that brought out a roller coaster of emotions in them.

Louis Uzorka aka "Louizilla" co-founder of their Heavy Tunez Records gave TALK OF THE TOWN more details about these awesome sisters.

"SISTAZ! is an awesome experience for the Stavro sisters that brought out a roller coaster of emotions in them," enthused Louis.

Who are the Stavro sisters?
The Stavro sisters are Jojo Stavro, Eleni Stavro and Anna Stavro.
They are Greek-Nigerians.

Are they based in Nigeria?
Jojo and Anna Stavro are based in Nigeria, while Eleni is based in the United States of America.

Which part of Delta State is their mother from?
Their mother, bless her soul was an Itsekiri woman from Delta state in the Niger Delta region of south-south Nigeria.

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