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Social Studios Unveils "Your Show" -- Turns Your Facebook Newsfeed Into A TV Show

26 Feb 2013 15:13 Africa/Lagos

Social Studios Unveils "Your Show" -- Turns Your Facebook Newsfeed into a TV Show Hosted by Actress and Producer, Noa Tishby
Announces $700,000 in seed funding; adds Joanna Drake Earl to Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Studios ( today unveiled "Your Show", a new beta Facebook app which automatically produces a fun, personal daily TV show from your Facebook newsfeed. Hollywood actress and producer, Noa Tishby, is an advisor to Social Studios and host of Your Show. Social Studios also announced today that it has raised $700,000 in seed funding to-date, and that Joanna Drake Earl, who formerly held COO positions at ngmoco:) and Current TV, has joined its board of directors.


Recognizing how time-consuming it can be for people to scroll through their social newsfeed to find posts they really want from their friends and brand pages they "like", Social Studios' founders drew on their TV and Internet backgrounds to bring social media to life in an entirely new way.

"Your Show is like 'Entertainment Tonight' meets Facebook", said Anat Amibar, CEO, Social Studios. "It's a show starring you and your friends, produced from your Facebook feed," she said. "There's a brewing fight for domination on the big screen in the living room and social media companies, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have not yet delivered a compelling video experience. We aim to solve this by creating the first ever social media TV shows," said Amibar.

How it Works
Your Show takes your Facebook newsfeed and produces a fun, personal TV show that includes items like Top Videos, Top Status Awards and birthdays. By looking at things like location check-ins and tags on photographs, Social Studios' algorithms can determine which posts people will care most about based on who they spend time with in real life and on Facebook. Each show is a few minutes long and completely personal, bringing Facebook pages to life for a new "lean-back" experience.

"As a producer and an actress, I always keep my eye on the next wave of innovation," said Noa Tishby, Social Studios' advisor and host of Your Show. "The Social Studios team has created a brand new way to enjoy Facebook using a TV-like format. In my view, this is just the beginning of a new kind of reality TV and I'm excited to be a part of it," said Tishby.

Join our public beta by using Google Chrome and clicking here: .

Watch a demo of Your Show here, or see Social Studios' CEO, Anat Amibar, provide an overview of Social Studios and Your Show here .

About Social Studios:
Social Studios was founded by TV and Internet executives who have worked at companies including Google/YouTube and Yahoo!. Realizing that social media platforms have yet to deliver a TV experience viewers want to watch, they saw an opportunity to produce engaging, personalized TV shows from social media newsfeeds. Social Studio's first show, a Facebook app called Your Show, quickly identifies posts from your close friends and favorite brand pages and automatically turns them into a show starring you and your friends. The first of its kind, the fun daily TV show is presented by Noa Tishby, well-known actress and Hollywood producer. To-date, Social Studios has raised $700,000 in angel funding. For more information visit: or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, @socialstudiostv.

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