Friday, February 1, 2013

February 13th is "Break Up with Your Ex" Day!

1 Feb 2013 14:42 Africa/Lagos Declares February 13th The Third Annual "Break Up with Your Ex" Day
And Urges Readers to Dump Their Exes by Valentine's Day.

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey* from—the digital leader in love and relationships—reveals that 67 percent of readers—including 46 percent of married users—think about their exes too much. A whopping 80 percent of respondents want to stop thinking about their exes altogether.

Cutting ties post-breakup is harder than ever given the digital connections we increasingly forge. Respondents agree "his/her online presence (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)" is one of the top three triggers of unwanted memories, following seeing an ex and hearing a reminiscent song.

The problem? Nearly half of respondents say that attachment to their exes interferes with their current relationships or prevents them from finding new love.

That's why YourTango has kicked off the third annual "Break Up With Your Ex" campaign, culminating on February 13th. YourTango encourages people to cut ties with their exes, both online and off, and offers an abundance of assistance to do so.

"In 2011, YourTango discovered that most people had ex-attachments, so we launched Break Up With Your Ex to help," says YourTango CEO, Andrea Miller. "Two years later, our new research reveals people need help more than ever. This year we are also encouraging people to 'forget their type' and try something new. Whether it's dating a different kind of person or adopting new ways to meet other singles, YourTango endeavors to help users detach and enjoy new, successful relationships."

Additional findings include:

51% of respondents say they unfriend exes on Facebook (up from 41% who reported doing so in 2011)
Cheating/betrayal and communication issues were the top two causes of breakups
44% agree starting a new relationship is most effective in an ex-detachment
33% have had sex with their ex after breaking up

Astroglide and YourTango are offering sexy prizes for the best advice on how to avoid "ex sex."

@YourTango will host a # breakupwithyourex Twitter party February 1st from 3-4pm ET with and a Facebook discussion February 13th.

About YourTango

YourTango helps users live their best love lives by offering award-winning content and connections to relationship experts to over 6 million unique visitors/month. Whether the topic is communication, sexting, divorce, kissing, sex , or Valentines, YourTango offers stimulating conversation and illuminating insights.

*Survey methodology.


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