Monday, October 22, 2018

We Are Still Waiting for the Great Nigerian Film

I pray that waiting for the great Nigerian film will not be like Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot ". Who never arrived.

We have been making films in Nigeria since  Geoffrey Barkas' Palaver of 1926, shot in northern Nigeria; Sam Zebba's "Fincho" (1957), the first film to be made in colour in Nigeria and Adamu Halilu, the first Nigerian indigenous filmmaker who made films in Hausa language with, "Baban Larai" in 1954. He also made "It Pays to Care" (1955), "Hausa Village" (1958), "Mama Learn a Lesson" (1963), "Child bride" (1971) and "Shehu Umar" (1979).

The great Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe looking into the camera during the film adaptation of his classic novels, "Things Fall Apart" and "No Longer at Ease" produced by Francis Oladele and directed by Hans Jürgen (Jason) Pohland in 1970. I have the production notes with photographs for anyone or organization that needs them.

The great stories are waiting.
The great actors are waiting.
The great locations are waiting.
But the great directors are missing.
We have good directors. But none of them has made a great Nigerian film in #Nollywood and #Kannywood.

I have written on the great expectations for Nigerian filmmakers on the following:
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I am talking about producing films that will make the official selections for competitions at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and make the nominations for the Academy Awards.
The films that will compete with the best films in the world.

We are waiting and I pray we are not "Waiting for Godot ".

- EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima,
Publisher/Editor of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series

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