Friday, January 26, 2018

IFFR 2018 Opens with Women Leading the Way

47th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Dates: 24 Jan 2018 – 4 Feb 2018
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Opening Film: "Jimmie" by Jesper Ganslandt.
Closing Film: "The Death of Stalin" by
Armando Iannucci.

Deborah Haywood's British film "Pin Cushion" opened the IFFR Live programme of the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

All the 6 films for the 2018 IFFR Live programme were directed by women.
The films will be simulcast from the film festival to cinemas in more than 40 countries, including an African country for the first time.

The films are:
"Messie And Maude (La Holandesa)" by Marleen Jonkman, starring Rifka Lodeizen; Susanna Nicchiarelli’s "Nico 1988"; Olga Chajdas’s "Nina", Lisa Brühlmann’s "Blue My Mind", Gabriela Pichler’s "Amateurs"  and Deborah Haywood’s "Pin Cushion".

"Everyday we are fed a seemingly unstoppable flow of images. Whether we like it or not, the stories they convey have an impact on how we view the world and ourselves. But it is up to us to decide whether to stay glued to the repetitive stream of easy-answer-imagery or to open our minds to alternative visions that inspire us; images and stories that ask questions and broaden our horizons: cinema!"
~ Festival director Bero Beyer.

The world premiere of Kenyan short documentary film, "Who Am I?" in the Pan-African Cinema Today at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) was an instant success as the film was immediately acquired by an international distributor. The film was directed by Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu and co-director Nick Reding.

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