Thursday, March 17, 2016

PLAE Unveils Second "Art of PLAE" Installment

PLAE Unveils Second "Art of PLAE" Installment
PLAE's "artist in residence" Oliver Black collaborates with the shoe brand on a four-piece capsule collection

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Red Dot award-winning kids shoe brand PLAE announced today the launch of the second installment in its "Art of PLAE" series, featuring limited edition collaborations with notable artists.

SF Bay Area artist Oliver Black, who has roots in skateboarding, local graffiti and street art has partnered with PLAE for a four-piece capsule collection. Black traveled the world honing his craft, showcasing in Spain and Art Basel. Oliver's body of work includes mixed media, installations and sculptures, some of which are public works and others which were commissioned by private companies including Umami Burger.

The capsule collection features Black's unique take on four signature PLAE shoe silhouettes, and the debut style, Roan, features black and white hand-drawn characters that come to life - covering every single space on the shoe from the tongue to underneath the straps. Unlike typical shoe patterns which tend to repeat, Black wanted to ensure the left and right shoes were completely different, serving as a treasure hunt of images for the wearer.

"With this particular shoe, I was inspired by the thought of a kid stuck in the car seat, looking down at his feet," said Oliver Black. "The range of characters and designs on the Roan give kids something to look at to entertain their imaginations so they can run wild creating stories around this eclectic mix of illustrations."

"The Art of PLAE is really an opportunity to bring together kids, and art in the purest form.  I think Oliver's artwork really connects on an emotional level, and you see that with kids as they're the best critics of art," said Ryan Ringholz, PLAE Founder and Chief Designer. "Art is often regarded as very precious and tends to be hung on a wall and untouched, but kids don't have that barrier.  They are the ultimate artists and athletes, and Art of PLAE is very representative of that."

The first sneaker in the limited edition collection, Roan, goes on sale today. Available in whole sizes 8 kids to 4 youth, the shoe retails for $59.95 (kids' sizes) and $64.95 (youth sizes) at and Nordstrom in April.  The remaining three collaboration styles will roll out over the course of the year.

ABOUT PLAE: Founded in 2012, PLAE creates quality, kid-centric design aimed at chasing wonder and imagination. PLAE shoes combine premium, eco-friendly materials with the biometric science often reserved for elite athletes to construct shoes that endure the rigorous demands of everyday play. Each pair features unique interchangeable straps designed to accommodate fit and fun. This cutting-edge concept allows for limitless looks on just one pair of shoes and the ability to customize fit – a bonus for parents who love variety, versatility and value. PLAE shoes are offered in whole and half sizes 8 toddler through 4.5 junior and retail starting at $49.95. Products are available in select domestic and international retailers and online at


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