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Fashion Television Rolls Out in Europe

LONDON, December 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

- Broadcaster takes over top broadcast spots on Astra 19.2 and Hotbird

Fashion Television returned to the European fashionistas today by launching its European feed on the popular Astra satellites at orbital position 19.2 degrees, as well as on Intelsat's Hotbird. The broadcaster took over the frequencies formerly occupied by New York based Fashion One as a result of an agreement between the two networks.

"Fashion Television is excited about its launch in Europe, especially on an existing channel position that already has many fashion enthusiasts tuned into as a top destination for fashion and lifestyle content," says Ralph Siebenaler, who spearheads the international expansion of Fashion Television.

Together with the launch of the channel, Fashion Television set up its international headquarters in London where all European activities are coordinated under a new management team.

"We are excited about the agreement with Fashion Television, which concludes our strategy to move to a paid only model, and at the same time allows our viewers to continue to enjoy the high quality of basic fashion content that Fashion One has started out with," says Ashley Jordan, CEO of Fashion One.

"Over the last years, Fashion One has moved from a purebred fashion channel into lifestyle, reality content, news and more expensive and higher-end productions clearly beyond a free-to-air business model," said Jordan.

The agreement between the two channels includes for Fashion Television to continue to promote Fashion One's premium shows which viewers are able to find on pay tv platforms throughout Europe as well as on paid OTT and VOD platforms.


Started in 1996 by Canada's CHUM Limited, Fashion Television has covered fashion events in more than 80 countries, primarily to an audience in Canada. CHUM was acquired by Canada-based Bell Media, formerly CTV Limited, and has now relaunched internationally under the leadership of Luxembourg-born Ralph Siebenaler.


New York based Fashion and lifestyle channel "Fashion One" was launched in 2010, and is now available in more than 220 million homes in more than 41 countries. The channel has since moved beyond fashion into lifestyle and entertainment news, with reality shows like Screen Test, the Fashion One Correspondent Search, Style Wars, Design Genius and the news show Fashion Frontline. With the new, higher end and more expensive programming, owner Bigfoot Entertainment has decided to end its free-to-air feeds in Europe, and moved to a paid-only model.

Gorden Li, Marketing and Public Relations
Fashion One Television LLC., New York
+1-212-796-4300 ext. 3450

Gwen Jayme -
Fashion Television International Limited, London

SOURCE Fashion Television International Ltd.

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