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3 Popular, In-demand Fabrics that Apparel Makers Rely On

3 Popular, In-demand Fabrics That Apparel Makers Rely on
Fabric Selection Inc. provides designers and manufacturers high quality materials at competitive prices.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For apparel designers everywhere, having access to the right materials at the right price is a key aspect of business. Material can easily make or break the design of a garment, and different fabrics hold different appeals and can serve varying purposes. In addition to acquiring the ideal material, cost also has an important role to play. In order to stay competitive, designers and manufactures have to ensure that they're able to maintain healthy profits by utilizing materials that are of the highest quality while still remaining affordable. As a major distributor of apparel materials nationwide and in the LA area, Fabric Selection Inc. is able to provide fabric at wholesale in Los Angeles that are also competitively priced. Fabric Selection also has a wide range of popular materials that designers demand the most. Below are some of the more popular options.
  1. Printed Lace. Printed lace is always in vogue with fashion designers because of its flexibility and reliability. Customers always respond strongly to printed lace because of the emotion that it invokes. As a material style, lace holds much significance to the wearer of the design, and printed lace is noteworthy for being able to harness and convey that same emotion. Printed lace looks outstanding on everything from Friday night dress, to a casual wear shirt, to formal evening wear if handled by the right designer.   
  2. Jacquard Material. This material can be used in clothing for striking results. Jacquard material is particularly popular as for making suits, jackets, and skirts. It's easily washed, and any wrinkles normally quickly fall out on their own without the need to iron. Jacquard normally comes in a multitude of different solid colors which eliminates the need for die.
  3. Knit. Knitted fabrics have come back into popularity in large part due to its homemade look. The past several years of fashion and consumerism have been dominated by products that have emphasized customization, individualism, and craftsmanship. In short, a look that is as far away from mass produced as possible is a good thing, and, when it comes to apparel, knit fabrics can make it happen. This is how designers can invoke the same sense of fondness that one would feel for an item that was made by a close friend or loved one.
These are just a few of the nearly unlimited fabric and material choices that a designer has available to them. To help make them make the right selections, designers lean on respected distributors like Fabric Selection who have the expertise, resources, and range of products to help contribute toward the success of their product. With modern production facilities located in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, Fabric Selection is able to immediately ship any of their outstanding online materials immediately. To help make businesses even easier for their clients, Fabric Selection owns the copyright on all of their prints so their customers can use them at their own convenience without concern. For more information on Fabric Selection's wide selection of competitively priced materials call (213) 747-6297 or visit their website at

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