Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Dear, Seriously, Do You Know What Life is All About?

My dear, seriously, do you know what life is all about?

If you don't know what life is all about, you are going to end up a loser in the end.

If your relationship is in a mess right now, then you did not know what life is all about.
If you know what life is all about, you will not be a jerk or end up with a jerk.

Millions of Nigerians are in a mess today, because they did not know what life is all about.
They just live and pass away without being fulfilled in life. In fact, many of them live miserable lives.
Even if we are all flowers, not all of us are roses.
Do you want to be just another flower or a rose?

How can one be in relationship with or married to a man you are afraid of speaking the truth to?
I know a woman whose heart skips whenever she hears her husband coming!
God have mercy! And she calls that marriage?
That is not marriage, but bondage.
Another one who is in relationship is not different from a bird in a cage.
She is trapped in a relationship and she is more of a hostage.
Her boyfriend is so insecure that seeing her with another guy makes him very uncomfortable, because he lives in constant fear of losing her.
Another one is a girl who fumes whenever she sees another girl coming close to her boyfriend.

How can you marry a girl who insults you in front of another guy and thinks she is doing you a favour by marrying you?
Ol boy! Are you not worthier than that?
C'mon! Snap out of it.
See Arctic Monkeys' "Snap Out Of It".

My dear, if you are still confused.
Relax where there is no distraction and have some meditation and reflection and ask the BIG QUESTION, WHAT IS MY LIFE WORTH?
The worth of your life depends on you.
Whatever you do everyday either increases the value of the worth of your life or decreases the value of the worth of your life.

If you value your life enough to want to survive and live everyday, then you should do your best to increase the value everyday.
I have said before and even repeated it and I am repeating it again, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANYONE WHO DOES NOT ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFE.
Anyone who does not add value to your life is worthless to you. And if you whine that you love him or her, then YOU ARE A FOOL.
Only fools don't add value to their lives.

Your happiness, progress and success in life depend on the kind of relationship you have.
Your happiness is the golden key of your success in life.
And you can never be really or truly happy with someone or something that does not belong to you.
No matter how long and how much you want to claim it, what is stolen is stolen and a thief is a thief.
Poverty is not an excuse for failure.
Disability is not an excuse for failure.
The fact that you are still breathing is enough proof that you have something in you still working to keep you going.
Your strength depends on your faith.
Big faith, Big strength.
Small faith, Small strength.

Ideas rule the world.
Great ideas make great people.
Once upon a time, Nairaland never existed until someone came up with the idea and WOW! See what Nairaland is today! And thanks to Nairaland, millions of people are communicating on the online public forum and believe it or not, I have created great things just by being on Nairaland with others.
I came up with the idea of the annual Eko International Film Festival right here on Nairaland in 2009 (, August 14, 2009) and it became the first Nigerian film festival that was sponsored by Heineken in 2012 with free drinks for everyone who attended it for days and N1 million cash for the organizers.
Just an idea and it is still running since 2009 and I have given it to another person to run, because my hands are full with new ideas for new startups and making new friendships and relationships and making people happy.
So, if you want to be happy and succeed in life, appreciate what God has given you and increase the value everyday, even if the best you can do is sharing just only your SMILE.
Even smiles open doors like when flowers blossom and bloom.
Be good first to yourself and then be good to others.
The goodness shared is doubled.
Goodness begets happiness and happiness begets success.
And is there anyone who does not love success?
Success makes news.
And news sells.

My dear, I am sure now you know what life is all about and so make the best out of your life.
Don't ever say no one loves you, because someone is treating you badly, because there is someone who will love you heart, soul and spirit if you open your eyes to look for that person and you will find your true love.
The problem with many of us is we fall more in lust than in love.
In fact, many guys fall in lust with make up and say they have fallen in love with a fine girl until when she removes her make up and then they now see their folly.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka Orikinla Osinachi.

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