Friday, April 18, 2014

Many Celebrities in Nollywood Are Still Living in Bondage

A scene from the all time Nollywood classic "Living in Bondage".
"Living in Bondage" parts 1 & 2 were shown on Sunday 10th November, 2013, at South London Gallery during the Royal African Society's annual film festival. Details: Both films directed by Chris Obi Rapu. With Francis Agu, Grace Ayozie, Chizoba Bosah. Nigeria 1992, 1993. Igbo with English subtitles. Colour.
Part one 162 minutes.
Part two 120 minutes.
Rated 18.

By their characteristics you shall know them. Because, they will always manifest with time.

There are many strange things in Nollywood; strange attitudes of many of them that actually show their insecurities and they can be really amusing.
In fact, they will make more entertaining and horrifying movies than the ones they have been making since the 1992 bestselling "Living in Bondage" to date.
And many of them like other people in Nigeria are "Living in Bondage", but they prefer to live in denial of the truth.
Even those who were mocking Jim Iyke when he went for deliverance at the popular Synagogue need more deliverance than him, but they prefer to live in denial of their own predicament.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Of course any married actor, producer, director and marketer who likes extra-marital affairs and enjoys having sex with others in their joints needs deliverance.
How can any reasonable and sane married man sleep with strange girls and women you don't even know how many other strange men they have slept with in their runs and then you return to your matrimonial homes to sleep with your ignorant (but may not be innocent) wives and carry over the evil demons and spirits from these runs babes to their wives and innocent children.
Is this not witchcraft?
No wonder many of them have strange personalities and twisted mood swings with lucid intervals on the red carpet.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Many of them are also as intellectually slow as majority of Nigerians in Nigeria, because they don't read.
They prefer idle gossip to reading.
In fact, the men in Nollywood gossip more than the women in Nollywood and many of them have spent more hours gossiping than acting and film making.
And some of their representatives prefer chasing and fighting for government handouts instead of making movies.
What a pity.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Majority of them also love to make a public show of going to church and displaying the sizes of their copies of the Holy Bible. But they don't know God, because those who truly know God will not behave so ungodly. So, many of them are just going to church to impress their pastors and fellow church goers and of course not all church goers are Christians.
Many cultists are regular church goers too.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

God is not moved by our emotions, but by our actions. So, you cannot please God by your eye service or mere lip service of hypocrisy which is the common practice of majority of those who claim to be "Christians", but what they do and their lifestyles are not different from those of pagans .
Please, let us pray for them to know the truth, so that the truth will set them free from their bondage.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi",
Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report Online, Nigerian Times, Kisses
'n' Roses, Nollywood Mirror, Nollywood Digital and author of Children
of Heaven (1987), Sleepless Night (2002), Scarlet Tears of London
(2006), Bye, Bye Mugabe (2008), In the House of Dogs (2011), Diary of The Memory Keeper (2013), The Prophet Lied (2013) and co-author with Dr. Chika Onu of Naked Beauty (2006)

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