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Indian Men Have Pathetic Sex Lives - Global Sex Survey

6 September 2013, 13:21. Africa/Lagos

Sex by the Numbers

NEW DELHI, September 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Indian men have pathetic sex lives, reveals Men ' s Health magazine ' s Global Sex Survey

30 countries, 50,796 voters, and one hot poll! In one of the biggest surveys of its kind in the world, the Global Sex Survey in the September issue of Men's Health magazine reinforces what we've always refused to believe: that when it comes to bedroom statistics, we Indians stand nowhere near the best in the world!

The average Indian man, the study suggests, doesn't have sex even once in a week! This 'average' Indian man is also shy of using sex toys, and figures in the bottom half of the lot when it comes to the number of his sex partners. He has three, compared to the 11 of a Croat, or a Greek man's score of 9! Forty eight percent of men in India think their partners fake orgasms, and if kissing is their favourite activity during foreplay, Katrina Kaif tops the list of the sexiest female celebrity.

The Dutch men, according to the survey, have the hottest sex of them all: they are the champions of camping sex! And Croats? They are public-sex pros: pools, hot tubs, fields, parks, cars….any place is good enough for a romp. Compare that to India: our women are nearly six times as likely as American women to have done the deed in a taxi! No surprises there. But the reason? Living in joint families doesn't give us much privacy for lovemaking. Going down on their girls is the most favourite act of an Italian and 'the Elephant' pose of making out is what the French love the most (the Spanish love the Lotus position, by the way).

Says Jamal Shaikh, Editorial Director of Men's Health India: "Unlike so many other sex surveys, our poll is not information-heavy, and neither is it just about charting changing trends. We have tried to examine how men from different parts of the world are better than others in certain aspects of sex and relationships, and then tell you how to learn and improve."

The digital version of the special issue comes with a moving cover. The Men's Health digital magazine can be subscribed from

Men's Health has consistently been India's largest-selling men's magazine since it was launched in November 2006. Commonly called MH, it is the friend, mentor and guide that provides its readers with well-researched, scientifically-ratified advice on every aspect of a man's life. It covers fitness, health, nutrition and weight-loss, fashion and grooming, sex and relationships, career and stress and a variety of other topics, making it a wholesome lifestyle publication for the ambitious, forward-thinking Indian male.

With 39 editions worldwide and a presence in over 46 countries, Men's Health is the world's largest men's magazine.

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