Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From Ruby With Love

The Ruby current account, is for the high powered woman with unique banking needs. Do you own your own business and need your account to be more than a personal account? Are you a busy senior executive and need more convenience than a regular account offers? Ruby was created just for you.


Zero COT account
Attractive interest rates of up to 2% for balances above N500,000
Customized RUBY Gold Debit Mastercard ® and cheque book
No limit on number of withdrawals
Can be used as a payroll account
Access to discounts at various RUBY partner shops/outlets/concierges nation wide;
Cash collaterised loans
Access to consumer credit facilities


N500,000 Minimum opening/operating balance
Valid Identification
- International Passport
- Driver’s License
- National ID Card
- Voters ID card
2 passport photographs
Any Utility bill
2 satisfactory references from current account holders

N3/Mille COT if balance goes below minimum operating balance


How do I access the discount partnership benefits of a Ruby account?
The discount partnership benefits can only be access by presenting a Ruby Gold Debit Card while making purchases from any of the partners.

If my Ruby account balance is below the minimum operating balance, will there be COT charge?
Yes, COT charge applies in all transaction in a month where account balance goes below minimum operating balance.

What are the credit facilities available for a Ruby Customer?
Credit facilities available are overdraft, revolving overdraft & personal loans. These facilities are available, if account is used a salary account.

Can a Ruby account be opened for a corporate business or association?
No, Ruby account is meant for only individual

What are the offerings of Ruby account partners and where can I locate them?
The Ruby account partners and their offerings are as listed in table below.

I already have a UBA current account can I convert it to Ruby account as I wish to retain my account number?
Yes customer who already has UBA current account can migrate their account to a Ruby account if they wish to retain their old account number.

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