Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thinking Aloud on My Birthday: Choose A Good Legacy

I pray for those who are still lost in the jungle of life; ignorant of the existential realties in the world.
Life is more than having a meal ticket otherwise called your paycheck or salary.
If your life is not worth more than your salary then your worth will amount to nothing more than just your salary. And the day you collect your last salary in life that is the day you will realise that what matters most in life is not earning a seven figure salary, but what you have done with every moment spent in the journey of life for the best or for the worst.

As I thank Almighty God for the beginning of another new year in my awesome life, I reflect on the past and evaluate the present as I survey the landscapes of the future.
One thing I can say emphatically is Almighty God has never denied or deprived me of any good thing from childhood. I was born to shine.

Since I was a first prize winner in a national essay competition at 13 to becoming a well paid professional TV script writer at 18; being the youngest participant of a UNESCO seminar on book publishing curriculum development for Yaba College of Technology at 19; representing Nigeria at two international children"s book fairs in Japan at 20; Art/Features Editor of a national children's magazine at 24; national Program Consultant for UNICEF Nigeria at 25 when my first book, "Children of Heaven" was published to other remarkable things including the recording of my songs on Sunset Blvd, California, USA and in Lagos, Nigeria and today I am still more committed to the advancement of human civilisation than selfish pursuits of the creature comforts of life and bragging rights to perishable status symbols of the society, I thank Almighty God that I have chosen a better legacy. Finis.

Author of "Diary of the Memory Keeper", "The Prophet Lied", "In the House of Dogs" and other books.

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