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Ekulo Shines at Enugu International Trade Fair with Gino Beauty Soap

Ekulo Shines at Enugu International Trade Fair with Gino Beauty Soap

~ By Ingram Osigwe

Ekulo Group, Nigeria’s leading household manufacturing and commodities distribution conglomerate, does not believe in mere sloganeering. That is why one of its subsidiaries, Evans Industries Limited has always strove to live out its Motto: “We are Proud of Nigeria; we want Nigeria to be Proud of Us”.This, it has done through production of high quality, 100 percent made in Nigeria household items with international standard.

In appreciation of their trail blazing blitz in the manufacturing sector, Ekulo and its subsidiary companies have in their kitties, legion of awards and recognitions from individuals, organizations and the government. And there is no doubt that effusive praises will once again rain on Ekulo as it storms the South east city of Enugu for the 29th Enugu International Trade Fair holding at the permanent site, International Trade Fair Complex,G R A Enugu between 16th and 29th March, 2018.

At the fair Ekulo, will make Nigeria proud and Nigerians will in turn be proud of the Group when it showcases its classy brands. One of the Centre points of the fair will be the unveiling of Gino range of beauty soap, a new world class brand produced by Evans industries.

Gino range of beauty soap comprised of Royal, Vintage, Care, Charisma and Moringa. The idea behind launching Gino within the frenzy of the fair is strategized to achieve maximum brand visibility for the Gino range, using the accumulation of visitors and media at the international trade event and engender a strong expectation from Nigerian consumers. It is also designed to create a strong niche mark for the brand within the Nigerian beauty brands consuming demography, being modern top quality products and coming from the stables of Evans Nigeria Limited known for beauty and medicated soap brands.

Beside Gino range of soap, Evans also produces the soar away Eva and Meditol medicated Antiseptic range of soap, internationally acclaimed but with 100 percent Nigerian content brands. The company also manufactures Hawaii range of Whitening soap consisting of Hawaii Papaya and Hawaii Carrot. Evans also has in its stable, Eva Baby soap, Blossom Light Soap, Unik range of soap (Unik prickly Heat Soap, Unik baby Soap and Unik four Seasons Herbal Whitening Soap).
The Meditol variants are Meditol Original with Avacado extractsMeditol Classic with Shea ButterExtracts, Meditol Gentle with Olive Oil, Meditol Cool with Menthol, Meditol Herbal with Aloe Vera Extracts. Meditol Medicated and Antiseptic range of soap protects heals and beautifies.
Eva range of Complexion Care soap comprised of Eva Herbal, Eva Romantic, Eva Gold, Eva Classic, Eva Forever, Eva Ivory, Eva Pearl, Eva Fresh, Eva Moringa and Eva Natural fairness.
Evans family of soaps comprising all the soap ranges will be exhibited at the Trade fair.Other Ekulo brands that will adorn the Group stand at the fair include JIMBEAM BOURBON WHISKEY, SIR EDWARD WHISKEY, GOVA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, BARON DE VALLS, WORLD FAMOUS TITUS SARDINE, BOCA DO LOBO Wines from Portugal.

According to Emeka Oramadike, Marketing Manager of the Ekulo Group, Ekulo brands are market leaders as they dominate shelves in stores and supermarkets across Nigeria and beyond and their presence at the Enugu International Trade exhibition will only reinforce such leadership.

Oramadike said Ekulo and all its subsidiaries will not shirk in their responsibility to put Nigeria first and make it proud at all times by producing products of international standard with wholly Nigerian content.

Oramadike: Ekulo Group is a 100% Nigerian conglomerate with absolute belief in Nigeria with a proud maxim. ‘We are proud of Nigeria; we want Nigeria to be proud of us’. In producing quality brands, Ekulo is on a mission to prove that Nigeria can manufacture brands that are at par with international standards. We will be at the Enugu Trade Fair to reinforce and stamp our brands’ leadership and domination of the Nigerian market”.

Mr. Oramadike also promised a mouthwatering gift to everybody that visits Ekulo Stand.

Ingram Osigwe is the Media Adviser to Ekulo Group of Companies.

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