Sunday, March 4, 2018

7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life!

Regardless of what life dictates, choosing to live life FULL and leave it EMPTY is your choice. ...MASTER, MANIFEST, & DOMINATE YOUR SPARKLE!.. Find out how in this book.

7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life by Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, NP.- Publishizer - 7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life.

For the past months years, I’ve been working on a nonfiction book, "7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life", which teaches professional entrepreneurs how to step up their game and succeed in all levels: LIFE, HOME, CAREER/BUSINESS. This book is inspired by my masterclass.


2018 marks my silver jubilee in writing and publishing career celebration. If anyone told me I would still be writing today, I would deny it. In fact at some point, I swore off writing and did not pick up my pen again for nine years! That is a story I hope to share one day.

As I mark my 21st year of writing, I thought at length about how to celebrate this. Then, I remember my 55 children in Africa ( I wanted them to be blessed by this. They are an example of those living an amazing life despite unfortunate circumstances. So, I will be releasing this book 7 DAYS TO RELEASE YOUR AMAZING LIFE on their behalf.

I have a goal of 500 PRE-ORDERS which will also help me to assist 40 more students in addition to the current 55.

This is why I’m reaching out to you! I am crowdfunding this book on Publishizer and your help is needed to spread this story to as many people as possible.

You can visit the page to check out the special bonuses I give away when this pre-order campaign launches on MARCH 5. 30 DAYS OF CAMPAIGN IS ON!.

That's the other thing! My closest friends, family and colleagues get special bonuses like signed and personalized copies, recognition in the book, book sales coaching calls, and so much more!

If you want to have exclusive access to pre-order this brand new book, and get some cool bonuses, please pre-order on MARCH 5 at (

Invite your friends, family, organization to be a part of this.

Thank you.
Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, RN, MA, DNP
Your Global Vision Midwife.

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