Monday, October 30, 2017

Reuters Turns Searchlight On Sexual Harassment from Hollywood To Bollywood and Nollywood

Following the #Hollywood sex scandal implicating the famous Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, Reuters reported cases in Bollywood and Nollywood sexual predators shielded by victims' silence. But two #Nollywood actresses have contrary views on sexual harassment in Africa's largest movie industry.

Sexual harassment is nothing new in the entertainment industry and it is shown everyday in the media with the sensationalism of sex in advertising, TV/film posters, trailers, tabloids of celebrity gossips and other forms. Sexploitation is as common in the entertainment industry as Coca Cola and popcorn. Let us stop playing "holier than you" in hypocrisy and looking for a scapegoat and to give a dog a bad name and hang him as in the case of Harvey Weinstein.

Juliet Odigwe told Accelerate TV that she has experienced sexual harassment.
“A production manager I met in Owerri came to me and said: ‘Babe, you are so good. I’ll give you six good jobs that can blow you to stardom, but after the six jobs, all I need from you are six good rounds of sex in return’. I gave him an outright ‘no’. I told him I could only take him for shopping when he makes me a star. However, it didn’t end well.
Juliet Odigwe.
“Although, he got me two good jobs, I kept reminding him that I could only take him out for shopping. He was pissed off and that was the end of the matter. He stopped calling me for jobs.”
But Adokiye Kyrian, popularly known as "Adokiye" who claims to be a virgin told Naij that there is no sexual harassment in Nollywood.

"There is nothing like sexual harassment. Don’t let any girl deceive you. No director, marketer, Producer or film maker would harass anybody sexually. Those girls saying it do so to get noticed by the directors, producers, marketers and the rest of them. And some of them are not even good artists. The only way they thought they could get movie roles is to offer their body. When they get disappointed on account of their own inabilities to put up good performances at auditions, they come out crying that so and so have sexually harassed them. It is the order of the day among some wannabe actresses."


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