Thursday, September 28, 2017

Venue of the First Annual Focus On Nollywood at the FOCUS 2017 in London

FOCUS 2017

The Business Design Centre, London, UK. 5-6 December, 2017.

The Business Design Centre, the venue of the 2017 FOCUS for International Production is located in the heart of Islington with easy access to and from Central London by public transport.
The first Annual Focus On Nollywood will be held at the FOCUS 2017 from December 5-7.


Registration for FOCUS 2017 is completely free and gives you access to a packed session programme, meeting scheduler and networking events.

FREE entry. Registration is open to all professionals working in the creative screen industries, including film, television, advertising and interactive entertainment.

Register now and discover a world of filming incentives, locations and services for your future projects.

Registration also gives free access to a packed session programme featuring over 100 industry experts, developed in consultation with leading industry bodies, including Advertising Producers Association, Animation UK, BFI, BFC, Creative Skillset, Games London, Pact, PMA and WFTV.

Click to register early.

Nigerian film producers and film distributors, advertisers and others who want to showcase their film productions, international products and services at the first annual Focus On Nollywood @ FOCUS 2017, Contact Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima by sending email to:


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