Monday, October 24, 2016

The Best Nigerian Films Since 2006 Came Out in 2016

If nobody in Nigeria noticed, we did at NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®.
The best Nigerian films since 2006 to date have been released this year and movie buffs around the world actually noticed the remarkable improvement in the quality of the new movies coming from Nigeria in 2016. The story telling is world class in terms of screenplays, acting and cinematography.

NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® will wait until December to bring out the list of The Best Nigerian Movies of 2016. The last time we did was in the 2014 edition which proved to be a great selection, because the selected movies went on to win major awards, including "Ojuju" by the daring young filmmaker, Chukwudi Joseph Obasi, popularly known as Cj "Fiery" Obasi that is still attracting critical commendations internationally.

The competition among the upcoming young filmmakers for international breakthrough is exciting! And I am happy they want to capture the big picture of the future.
They will soon be competing with the best at the Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance and the Academy Awards.

We keep tabs on the local and international filmmakers and we receive regular invitations for exclusive previews of movies in Hollywood, and we know that Nigerian filmmakers are on their way to the top.

Exhibition and Distribution of Nigerian Movies:
The cinemas are also increasing, but 90% of them are in the wrong locations. It is not good marketing to locate a cinema where people will be scared to be at 10pm. 
Cinemas are best located in residential areas like in the 1970s when there were more than 400 cinemas in Nigeria before erroneous military government policies and crimes caused the closure of these cinemas.
The best locations for cinemas in Nigeria still don't have cinemas. Feasibility study is imperative for the establishment of a cinema. Installing cinemas in shopping malls and commercial districts is not the best in Nigeria, because once the offices and shops close for the day, people leave for their homes in the residential areas.

The open-air cinema, or “cinéma en plein air” is becoming very popular all over the world with the largest single day audience at an outdoor screening of a movie in Africa when around 10.000 people gathered to watch a screening of ‘Fighting the Silence’ in Mulo village on the 21st of August 2011 in North Kivu, DRC.
See the report on "Cinemas in Africa – from cramped shacks to screenings in the Sahara"| Film | The Guardian

Digital exhibition and distribution of Nigerian movies have not made the majority of Nigerian filmmakers richer, because the exhibitors and distributors are yet to maximize the OTT marketing opportunities, such as world premieres of movies online which Netflix and other major online platforms have done successfully.
We just signed on to DotStudioPro for global distribution of Nigerian movies, including documentary films and music videos, because it offers the best in revenue with a content producer receiving 70% of revenue from adverts.


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