Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Photos from Locations of "Sights and Sounds of Lagos" Tourist Documentary Film

Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Celina Ideh, Tony Godson Uche Okeke, Franca Aide, Felix Omokagbo Jegede, Cynthia Chima and Nunnsi Ojong on the Lekki Ikoyi Bridge.

It was raining in the morning yesterday when we left for the various locations of my "Sights and Sounds of Lagos" tourist documentary film. The Production Manager, Felix Omokagbo Jegede drove the Toyota Sienna. Franca Aide and Celina Ideh joined us at Olasimbo Street of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Church in Onike, Yaba. Tony Godson Uche Okeke and Cynthia Chima joined us at Ozone Cinemas in Sabo, Yaba. Nunnsi Ojong was having fever and we wanted to go to her present residence in Isolo to pick her, but the traffic congestion changed our decision, so we told her to join us later at the Tafawa Balewa Square on Lagos Island after we completed filming the scenes at Sabo bus stop when our cameraman Adesina Mutiu-Okediran joined us.

The female District Police Officer at the Sabo Police station challenged us for filming the location without the permission of the Nigerian Police Force, because of security implications.
"Follow me to the office and identity yourself and why you are filming Sabo bus stop," she said. And I obeyed her. I told her about the documentary film and I apologized for not informing her station before filming on the location. She accepted my apologies and did not stop our production. From Sabo, we moved on to the other locations on Lagos Island.

The ladies with Adesina Mutiu-OKediran.
Celina refused to let go a copy of "Conspiracy of Lagos" novel by Bisi Daniels, Nigeria's leading thriller novelist.

Nunnsi and Adesina.

We have filmed more than twenty five different locations from the mainland to the Island. We have only two locations left to wrap the production of "Sights and Sounds of Lagos" before next weekend.
Almighty God JEHOVAH, I call the Director of all directors has been directing us perfectly and excellently. So, to Him alone be all the glory.

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