Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pay US$20 To Watch 20 New Nollywood Movies and New Music Videos Daily

On iPost Nigeria, everyone who knows how to use a GSM phone or tablet can record videos of events and incidents happening everyday in their respective locations and upload their videos instantly live to show and share their videos with millions of others.
Users will pay as little as US$1 (for those outside Nigeria) or N100 (for those inside Nigeria) to view each video monetized on the Pay-Per-View Channel of iPost Nigeria.
The users simply pay with their recharge cards on all GSM mobile networks with their mobile phones and tablets or with their credit cards on PCs.

The content providers and owners keep 70% of whatever amount they make from the daily views of their videos straight into their Paypal accounts. Users have the rights to monetize their videos or make them free for public viewing on iPost Nigeria. - See more at:

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