Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love Gives Us the Reason To Live in Peace: My Essay on Love for Peace on Earth

Don't make me wait even a second to show you how much i love you.
Because to love you is the reason for me to live. So i want to love you with every breath.

Where there is no love there is no peace.
The most violent people are often those who have never been loved. So, they hate to love, because they have not known the beauty of true love which is the true essence of life.
Children born in love are happier, healthier and stronger than those born without love.
The innocent children born from unwanted pregnancies by lovers in lust and not in love.
Abandoned innocent children by mothers who did not love to have them.
Führer Adolf Hitler came from such precarious circumstances and grew up with more bitterness than happiness.
It is best not to have any relationship with someone you don't love and cannot be happy with.

You see parents screaming and swearing at their innocent children who never asked to be born only to be suffered gladly.
If you cannot give the best you have to children, why bring them into your world to suffer them?
No child should be born in the misery of poverty, because most of the children born in such precarious situations have ended up in horrible circumstances with terrible consequences.

The worst is to murder an innocent unborn child who did not ask you to get pregnant?
Once you are pregnant, you have signed a contract with fate to have a child, and you must have that child come what may.
If you know you cannot take good care of the child, don't abort or abandon the child, but make sure you protect and save the child since you have already brought the child into your precarious world. And there is no excuse on planet earth to abandon your child with anyone else and later deny that you have one as many people have done by abandoning their children and then later begging and praying for children and not confessing the truth to their ignorant husbands that they once abandoned their children somewhere.
God will ask you what you did with the first one you brought into the world.

It is better to have one child or two children you can provide the best for than have more children you cannot even give three square meals a day and cannot pay their school fees.
Don't gamble with the fates of these innocent children.

You can love and love truly without sex until you are ready to have children.
So, it is foolish to have sex in lust without love and then get a girl or woman pregnant and then say you are shocked by the pregnancy.
Don't start the beat you cannot dance to.

Most of the criminals on earth making the innocent lives of others a nightmare in the world were children of parents who failed to raise them well in love. So, these ill bred children end up twisted in behaviour and character. And then turn their frustration into rebellion against the society.
A stitch in time saves nine.

To say "I love you" to someone and you cannot prove your love is one of the worst crimes on earth.
And the only way you can prove your love has nothing to do with sex or money.
The only way you can prove your love is by sharing whatever will make you live in peace with each other.
That is why you cannot starve anyone you love.
Therefore, don't expect anyone you deprive of good things and you starve to love you.
You cannot say I love you to your lover or spouse and then suffer him or her to impress another person.
Anything that will not bring peace is not love.
Even if you love someone and the family is against your relationship, they cannot stop you from loving the person as long as the person loves you.

Love is not by force, but by peace.
You can never force anyone to love you.
And you can never force yourself to love anyone.
Love is as natural and free as the air we breathe.
And when it is not so, it is not love but something else.

If you love someone, and the person does not love you, let it go and look for someone who will love you too.
The greatest love is the love that brings you the greatest happiness.

Happiness lives in the heart filled with love.
For where there is no love, there is no happiness.
There is no love in a heart filled with bitterness.

If you are not happy in a relationship, then know that love is missing.

Love brings happiness and happiness opens the doors of success.
You can never fail in any venture you love and that makes you happy and makes others happy too.

Those who hate good people do not know love.
For good people are the children and messengers of love.

When you are depressed, look for someone or something to love.
And you will never be lonely again.
Love increases with more people you love.
The most precious moments are the moments we share in love.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi", author of The Language of True Love and other books.

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