Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Man Can Cheat On A Woman if the Other Woman is Not A Fool

 It is not men cheating that is the problem, but the women who betray their fellow women by sleeping with married men.
~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, May 29, 2014, Lagos, Nigeria.

Only a foolish immature and insecure woman will sleep with a married man.

Over the years I have studied all the so called excuses and reasons why men and women cheat and I found that in most cases, only immature and insecure lovers and spouses cheat on themselves for the following two reasons:

1. Emotional Immaturity/Insecurity.
2. Financial Insecurity.

The old wives lie of cheating, because their husbands cannot satisfy them in bed is no longer a good excuse today, because of the regular supply of cheap libido boosting foods and medicines that can give any man the energy to satisfy any woman 24/7.
Therefore, no woman can lie again that her man cannot satisfy her.
If you no longer want to sleep with your man, then please leave him alone in peace instead of cheating on him.
Love is not by force.
It would be better for you to leave in peace than leave in pieces.

Financial insecurity is the most common reason among poor people, because there are still millions of men willing to pay poor girls and women for sex and as long as we still have men willing to pay for sex, prostitution will never end. Because, whether she admits it or not, any woman who accepts gift or money for sex is a prostitute. Therefore, the day a married woman agrees to sleep with another man for payment in cash or kind, she has become a prostitute. And the worst thing that can ever happen to a married man is when your wife becomes a slut or a prostitute. Just end the marriage.
The most dangerous woman to sleep with is the one who cheats on you. You are sleeping with your enemy.

Any woman who succumbs to the sexual harassment of a married man is betraying another woman. 
How would you feel if you were in her place?
Of course, you cannot be happy whenever your man leaves you for the arms, breasts and loins of another woman. And every woman who betrays another woman is cursed. 
May you never allow any man to use you to cause the unhappiness of another woman in the world.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi



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