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30 Most Evil People of All Time

28 Oct 2013 15:30 Africa/Lagos

International Survey and Card Set Establishes History's 35 Most Evil and Inspirational People
A newly launched trading card set features a comprehensive list of 35 'evil' and 'inspirational' personalities as chosen by people worldwide through a two year online survey.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Utilizing online research and a series of You Tube videos to ascertain the direct opinions of over 10,000 people worldwide, craft and card designer The Homemade Game Guru has been able to compile a respectable list of the 35 most evil people of all time, and the 35 most inspirational people of all time, by way of a new trading card series.

To be fully launched soon after Halloween, 'The 35 Most Evil People of All Time/The 35 Most Inspirational People of All Time: 75 Piece Trading Card Set' will showcase personalities the global community considers to be the worst and greatest in history.

The 35 Most Evil People set includes names like Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Catalina Lisperguer, Ilse Koch, Kim Il Sung, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The adjoined 35 Most Inspirational People set includes the likes of Abe Lincoln, Jesus Christ, Maria Montessori, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King Jr., Prophet Muhammad, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill.

The campaign to garner the thoughts of people worldwide in order to compile a comprehensive list of evil and inspirational personalities began with the August 2011 upload of a video entitled: The 30 Most Evil People of All Time Controversy of 2005.

Viewers of the video were asked to provide their feedback on if they believe the Evil People set should be re-released and who should be included in a new edition. The video was viewed over 30,000 times and garnered insightful comments and positive reviews from people worldwide.

The 35 Most Evil People of All Time/The 35 Most Inspirational People of All Time: 75 Piece Trading Card Set is available on and as a pre-order prior to the full first edition launch on November 15th. Bonus exclusive cards of Christopher Columbus and Cleopatra are being offered to the first 250 people to pre-order. Visitors to the site are also encouraged to comment on who they believe should be included in the 2014 edition of both sets.

SOURCE Homemade Game Guru

CONTACT: Luanga Nuwame, Homemade Game Guru, 647 407 2614

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