Friday, July 12, 2013

My Dear, Pretending To Your Partner is Fooling Yourself

Unhappy girlfriend or wife faking and pretending to her partner is only fooling and hurting herself. Photo Credit: ESSENCE MAGAZINE.

I do really feel sorry for humans for their indignities and insecurities.
Most of them are often suffering and smiling in relationship and marriage.
I do try to help as much as I can, but since I am not God I cannot help everybody who needs help.

There are too many people pretending in their relationship in Nigeria.
A recent poll on Nigerian youths reported that majority of them are on drugs due to depression caused by poverty and unemployment.
I am not surprised since the unemployed are more than the employed in Nigeria. And when you are broke and brokenhearted, you suffer from low esteem and with jealousy for those who are making it and enjoying their success and you often envy them.
I really do feel sorry for your predicament. And there are no safety nets in Nigeria as you would have known by the misery of the majority of the poor masses.

Several ex-girlfriends still come around, including the married ones whose husbands have failed to make them happy. The most challenging are the young women who cannot find men who can take care of them when their poor parents cannot provide for them.
The predicament is poor people who cannot even have three square meals a day want to marry and have kids when the millions of kids brought into this hostile country are still suffering and dying in abject poverty and insecurity.

Why pretend and end up in a miserable marriage and bring innocent kids who never asked to be born into your mess.
To worsen an already bad situation, majority of Nigerian guys and older men prefer to take advantage of poor girls and those who are intellectually re-tarded.
The cheaper they are the better for these guys and older men in Nigeria.
They just want to use these unfortunate girls and women to satisfy their lusts and petty egos. And when they get them pregnant, they despise them.

Majority of Nigerian guys and older men are not worth dating.
Majority of them are poor and cannot help their equally poor girls and poor women.
Many of them cannot even afford to buy regular sanitary towels and other essential needs for their girlfriends and wives. And cannot afford recommended diapers for their kids.
Majority of the poor girls and women in the western and northern regions of Nigeria don't even wear underwear. grin
Yet, I have seen them dating and most of them are useless relationships.
Relationships that cannot add value to life.
Is it not pathetic that all you have to enjoy in a relationship is s*e*x?
Any relationship that cannot add value to your life is worthless.
Just end it and invest your time in more valuable things.
Stop pretending to him and stop pretending to her.
Stop dating NFAs (No Future Ambition persons).
Be honest, lest you waste your life in foolish relationships.

I have even seen it more in marriages.
Many of our girls and women are sympathy collectors.
But pity is not love.
You deserve to be loved and not pitied.

I have noticed that the girls who attract more attention from boys and men are often those we call "Ọ̀dẹ" in Yoruba language, that is dummy.
Nigerian guys love babes who have low IQ that they can cheat and intimidate.
How do you know this?
Just go to the local clubs and pubs, and you will see boys and men making fun of even their so called girlfriends and share jokes on how they lured and forked them and even show their na-ked pictures on their mobile phones to brag about how they fooled these unfortunate girls, women and wives.

Nigerian men even think they can cheat, but their girlfriends and wives dare not cheat.
The most unfaithful men are ironically the most jealous.

You cannot give what you don't have. And faking it is really a waste of your time.
The sooner you stop faking and pretending to your lover or spouse, the better, healthier and safer you would be.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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