Monday, July 8, 2013

Dobox is Offering More To Nollywood and the World

Leading Nigerian filmmaker Tunde Kelani and bestselling Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele, aka Jenifa are on Dobox.

The scarcity of quality in Nollywood is no longer news. But if we really want to make Nollywood a world class film industry, we cannot accept anything less than the best and that is what Dobox is offering the world.

The real Netflix of Africa is here and it is Dobox. And Dobox offers more than Netflix, because you can also record, upload and share your own original videos like on YouTube. This makes Dobox the first African provider of on-demand Internet streaming and one of the most advanced entertainment on-demand (EOD) portals for premium movies, TV series, documentaries, animations, trailers, music videos and so much more to enjoy on multiple mobile and portable devices on PCs, smartphones, tablets, iPods, PS3, Wii, Xbox and other gadgets.
Dobox is really awesome for a made in Nigeria entertainment on-demand portal.

When the opportunity came to meet with the brain behind Dobox, proudly Nigerian Gafar Williams, I was excited to ask him how he did it.

We met at the luxury Southern Sun Ikoyi in Lagos last Thursday and discussed over tea and some delicacies.
We met to discuss the coming Nigerian premiere of the thrilling Girl Rising from Academy Award-Nominated Director Richard E. Robbins and star-studded with Cate Blanchett, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, Alicia Keys, Chloë Moretz, Liam Neeson, Freida Pinto, Meryl Streep and Kerry Washington, the 36-year-old "Scandal" star who got hitched to San Francisco 49ers corner-back Nigerian American Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24 in Blaine County, Idaho.

Gafar is a young Nigerian like Iroko TV's James Njoku, but he is based right here in the awesome mega city of Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria that really never sleeps. And he is a native of Lagos Island.

"It has taken us 18 months to develop and launch Dobox," he told me as we chatted in the company of my partners, Meg Masha, Programme Manager of my recently launched Screen Naija One Village, One Cinema Project and Hope Obioma Opara, the President of the annual Eko International Film Festival I founded four years ago.

Dobox is offering more to Nollywood, because every producer or content provider gets 40% of the revenues made from every movie viewed, rented or downloaded on Dobox and it cannot be pirated. And the advantage of Dobox is the availability of both Nigerian content and productions from all over the world.

Seeing is believing if you have comments and questions.
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