Monday, November 5, 2018

She is Coming Soon To the Big Screen!

Our goal is to discover our own @lupitanyongo in #Nollywood who will be ready for the international red carpets of @festivaldecannes and @theacademy before she is 25.
We are grooming her for the Big Picture!
She is 22 now and her first photographs will be ready soon.
No bleaching.
No masquerade makeup.
No fake accent.
No drama queen.
No "Ogbanje" problems and
No bipolar disorder.
She will be ready for global stardom.
It is about time for a Nigerian girl to breakthrough for the big screen.

We have been waiting and wishing for a Nollywood actress to give us the golden moment of tinseltown stardom since 1992, but none of them has been able to make it.
The real African magic Cinderella.

One big breakthrough in cinema is the classic Cinderella story we need from Nollywood.
She is coming.

247 Nigeria

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