Wednesday, August 1, 2018

📣 X-Ray Fashion To Premiere at the 75th Venice Film Festival

📣 X-Ray Fashion To Premiere at the 75th Venice Film Festival

“You could predict the colors of next season’s fashion trends just by looking at the water that surrounds the factory…”

A captivating virtual reality installation will premiere at the 75th Venice Film Festival this fall. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini (“Franca: Chaos and Creation”), X-Ray Fashion exposes the world’s second largest polluter, fast-fashion production, while offering opportunities for positive change.

X-Ray Fashion was an original concept developed by VR company MANND for the Uniting4Climate VR/360 competition, an initiative of World Bank, established by Connect4Climate and Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions. The competition called for filmmakers to come up with concepts using VR to give new insights into climate action, explore solutions and help people experience the reality of an urgent global issue.

The film starts at a fashion show where audiences see catwalk models wearing beautiful clothes and photographers flashing their cameras. Audiences are immersed in the glamour then transported on a journey through the wasteful world of fashion, traveling from sweatshops, malls, and landfills, to the runway.

Combining the visual aspect of VR with a physical installation, the interactive experience allows viewers to walk through different stages of the fashion industry and experience the climate, scents and textures. The installation aims to bring a closer, first-hand look behind the scenes of the “glamorous” fashion industry, uncovering the conditions, environments and waste for audiences across the world.

The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions. What’s more, fashion is often linked to human rights violations including dangerous work conditions, long hours, and instances of modern slavery. X-Ray Fashion will explore these impacts and encourage greater sustainability in the industry by offering meaningful actions.

This marks the next project for Vulcan Productions in the virtual reality realm. In May, Vulcan launched Holodome™ - a new immersive reality space that transports you to incredible places, surrounding you completely and creating phenomenal memories with friends by your side. The only place you can currently experience Holodome is at MoPOP in Seattle, Washington. Sign up, and we’ll notify you when more locations open at a venue near you.

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