Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WHAT’S HOT on Instagram?

WHAT’S HOT on Instagram?

What are the latest #Instagram trends?

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a fairly easy and budget-friendly (depending on who you’re working with) way to get the word out about your brand and products. Plus, people tend to trust social media Influencers and their recommendations over brand advertising because they are seen as trustworthy and relatable.

It isn’t about finding the Influencer with the largest audience, but finding Influencers who hit your target audience and who potentially have fewer followers, but a closer relationship with them. These are the micro-Influencers.

Pro tip: Choose Influencers with high engagement rates.
Pro tip: Be transparent about your relationship with an Influencers. Include #ad in your Influencer’s posts.
Pro tip: Use video to engage with Influencers. Interview them or have them do a take over to build interest among their audience.
Video & Stories: Videos have the highest engagement rate of any media type currently on Instagram. Just be aware that videos posts do have a limit of 60 seconds. So your videos will have to be quick, concise, and engaging.

300,000,000 people use Instagram Stories everyday. The Story feature displays content in the form of photos or videos that only last for 24 hours.

Stories and videos have a few important benefits for you and your brand. As Instagram grows, the algorithms make feed posts harder to see and find, Stories are a good alternative to get in front of your audience.

Hot off the Press: A day after this blog went live we learned about a brand new feature Instagram added! Thanks to deals forged with a range of popular musicians, Instagram stories can now incorporate soundtracks.

With over 1 billion active users worldwide and 400 million using Stories a day, the right sound can be crucial in making your Story stand out. Learn more about Story Soundtracks from Social Media Day creators Mashable!

A few important things to note about Stories:

Stories can now be seen by people who don’t follow you.
You can now add hashtags to stories.
Shopping in stories is only available to select businesses at this time but will be expanding in the future.
Stories disappear after 24 hours.
Pro tip: Use polls in Stories to get instant feedback from your audience.
Pro tip: Download and save your Stories before they vanish and reuse the content on other platforms.
What are the some of the latest Instagram features?

IGTV is a new platform that allows long-form videos. Videos can be published up to 60 minutes long, and they are displayed vertically. IGTV is a new way to get eyes on your content. Check it out if you’re sick of YouTube or want to publish videos longer than 1 minute!

Story Highlights on your profile allows you to create albums of saved Stories. Use Highlights to feature different products, events, or anything else you’re passionate about to expand upon your bio.

Pro tip: Customize the Highlight cover image of each album to match your brand colors. Use Canva to create the cover images.
Pro tip: If you plan to have more than 4 Highlight albums, make sure that the most important information is in the first four albums displayed (last 4 albums created).


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