Monday, August 28, 2017

President Donald Trump Loves Reading Along With Children!

See who has joined the #lovetoread movement?
President Donald Trump who loves to read and also reading along with his grand daughter Chloe Sophia.
The photo posted on Trump’s facebook and Instagram pages in 2015.
Both all smiles. The caption of the photo reads, “Thank you @jimmykimmel for the great book. Grandpa @realdonaldtrump is making good use of it!!! A little reading with Chloe Sophia. #WinnersArentLosers.
Start them young raise them right.

TRUMP: 'I love to read'

Host Tucker Carlson asked Trump, "What do you do at the end of the day? What do you read, what do you watch?" "Well, you know, I love to read," Trump replied. "Actually, I'm looking at a book, I'm reading a book, I'm trying to get started." Trump said that whenever he reads "a half a page" of a book, he receives a phone call, or there's "some emergency" that pulls him away.

Trump reiterated that he loves to read, but mentioned again that doesn't get a chance to read often because, "I'm working very hard on lots of different things, including getting costs down.

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