Saturday, September 10, 2016

Top 10 Must Watch Nigerian Movies of The Month

Top 10 Must Watch Movies At Cinemas in Nigeria will be published every week on selected popular blogs, online forums and social networks and also on TV shows with the posters and trailers.

Selection of the Top 10 Must Watch Movies will be based on  recommendations and reviews by  proven film critics in Nigeria, especially for the Top 10 Must Watch Nigerian Movies category.

Gradually, we will end up with the Nigerian Weekend Box Office rankings based on box office returns.

Many movies have been released without public knowledge of them, because of lack of publicity. Filmmakers, film distributors and film exhibitors lose millions of naira daily due to low patronage caused by lack of publicity for their movies.

There are special buzz words and sound bites for promoting movies and pulling crowds to the cinemas.
Hyping a movie can attract thousands of movie lovers every day.
They will be excited to experience the unique romance of going to movies for friends, lovers, spouses and families.

The Top 10 Must Watch Movies List will also be publicised at campuses, clubs and other popular rendezvous to attract audiences.
We will also select Movie Stars of the Week and audiences with tickets will compete for prizes like movie T-shirts and mugs, etc.

This weekly publication is for the promotion of cinemas in Nigeria and to attract more people to the cinemas to boost box office returns and support the sustainable development of the Nigerian film industry.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
Publisher/Editor, Nollywood Mirror series, @247Nigeria on Twitter, Nigerians Report Online, Talk of the Town By Orikinla, Nigerian Times and other blogs and publications.

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