Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Says Majority of Nigerian Girls Are Cheap?

Seriously, who says majority of Nigerian girls are cheap?
How do you know that majority of Nigerian girls are cheap?
What makes majority of Nigerian girls cheap?
When did majority of Nigerian girls become cheap?
Where did you see majority of Nigerian girls as cheap?

Lest we forget, the backgrounds and circumstances of Nigerian girls often define the different characters of their personalities.
Like when I took the now most popular Nigerian female blogger to her first buffet on Victoria Island and she was feeling too nervous, because she was then a poor ghetto girl from Mushin.
Then the first time I took her to a restaurant near Mr Price in Surulere, she spilled some jam on her dress.
So, poor girls naturally feel intimidated and nervous when they find themselves among rich people in upscale areas.
Imagine taking a poor Nigerian girl who has been sleeping on a torn and worn mattress laid on the bare floor and shared with her siblings in the ghetto and you show her your luxurious bedroom in your luxury apartment in Park View Estate in Ikoyi and she sees the duvet. Arabian rug on the floor and other accessories of comfort. She would definitely fall asleep in your arms.

Majority of Nigerian girls are from poverty stricken families and they are desperate to escape from the indignities of poverty and improve their living standards.

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