Friday, April 12, 2013

PR Newswire of America Supports Nigerians Report Online With Special Focus on Africa

PR Newswire of America Supports Nigerians Report Online With Special Focus on Africa

America’s leading news and information agency PR Newswire is supporting Nigerians Report Online, Nigeria’s premier news and information blog with daily reports on news releases on Nigeria and the rest of Africa with an exclusive news feed on
PR Newswire 24/7 on Nigerians Report Online News blog.

Headquartered in New York, PR Newswire has offices in 16 countries and sends news to outlets in 135 countries. The company has several brands and services that include ProfNet, eWatch, MEDIAtlas, MultiVu, U.S. Newswire, Vintage Filings, MediaRoom and MediaSense. It also has agreements with global news agencies such as Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters to send information directly to newsrooms worldwide. PR Newswire is a subsidiary of UBM plc of London.

With PR Newswire, you can:

• Deliver your news straight to credentialed journalists, bloggers and key influencers all over the world and online

• Reach domestic as well as international trade magazines and reporters, and distribute in their native languages

• Get the attention of multicultural audiences and take advantage of our Hispanic newslines

• Establish your own news and industry credibility by using a trusted newswire
• Engage your audiences with your message through the inclusion of photos, logos, video and more

• Archive your multimedia assets for use by journalists and members of the media

PR Newswire started in 1954 hired by companies to send text press releases to the media. Today, PR Newswire is hired by corporations, public relations firms and non-governmental organizations to deliver news and multimedia content. Recipients include media, consumers and investors who access the content via the Web, RSS, e-mail, satellite, equities terminals (e.g., Bloomberg and Reuters), and direct feeds into newsroom editorial systems. PR Newswire's headquarters are in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Public corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations, use PR Newswire to reach the investment and financial news community with important announcements, thus achieving the standard of "simultaneous disclosure" required by financial markets and regulatory agencies.

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