Friday, September 29, 2017

Daria Kasatkina Becomes the New Brand Ambassador for InstaForex

The Rising Tennis Star Daria Kasatkina Becomes the New Brand Ambassador for InstaForex

MOSCOW, August 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

International Forex brokerage company InstaForex announced one of the most talented tennis players in the world, Daria Kasatkina, as the new Brand Ambassador. Daria is only 20 but she is already a holder of the "Kremlin cup" in doubles and junior, the "Roland Garros". She also has 2 WTA and 7 ITF titles. Sports Illustrated wrote in 2015, "Daria is the best player of those whom you have not heard about yet, however, soon Kasatkina will be much more popular", and that was true - now Daria is famous across the globe.

Daria Kasatkina becomes the new Brand Ambassador for InstaForex (PRNewsfoto/InstaForex)

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"We do have experience of cooperation with World Top athletes, including famous tennis players. However, Daria is the perfect match with our ideals and aspirations. Youthfulness, persistence and constant self-improvement are Daria's qualities we like. And these are the qualities our company has. So we are looking forward to a perfect synergy and cooperation with Daria", said Pavel Shkapenko.

Daria Kasatkina enjoys the new position, and she is sure that the new mission will not be impossible for her. "I don't have a lot of experience yet as a Brand Ambassador, but I'm sure that remaining true to yourself is the key to success here. People are interested in athletes not only because of their achievements, but also because of their personalities. So I'll just continue to do the thing I enjoy most - playing tennis. And I hope that being an InstaForex Brand Ambassador will make my fans happy with new tennis achievements", says Daria.

At the starting point of cooperation with InstaForex, Daria Kasatkina is the world number 30 in WTA. Both sides of the contract see this as a positive side: "we have achieved a lot but there is a lot more to come!"

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